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ABOUT Michelle

My mom grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania. Her goals were to never live on a farm again and to become a great cook. She achieved both, all the while becoming a terrific mom.

Most of my Saturday afternoons were spent on the couch watching cooking shows with my mom. Julia Child and Pierre Franey became my childhood idols, just like Bobby Flay and Ina Garten capture the imagination of my children.

My mom was a quiet and introverted person, but when she was teaching me how to cook, her shyness melted away and her voice became happy and excited. We would spend hours in the kitchen, recreating what we saw on TV or perfecting recipes from the latest cookbook. Although she passed away, every time I make one of her many specialties, I still feel her close--- telling me to add just a little more salt.

This is why I do what I do. My mom instilled in me a passion for the art of cooking and the enjoyment of eating fresh, wholesome food. Let me share my expertise with you and your family at your dinner table or event.

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